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The Electro-Acoustic Sound Diffuser

by Robert Seagrove, Inventor

More simply, the Seagrove Speaker.

In an effort to quelch the fatigue of my own experience with conventional guitar speaker cabinets, a twenty five year commitment honing the idea of the ultimate guitar speaker ensued. A full, rich toned guitar speaker which sounded great at low and high volumes and didn't kill you at the higher levels was my ultimate goal. This is the final result from a number of prototype, trial and errors. While there were several glitches after building these two prototypes there was no looking back. The speaker has numerous capabilities and are best experienced by the user. These are time consuming to build, require a great deal of patience and craftsmanship. After a demo of the second one on the next page years ago for Jeff Long and Staff Long and McQuade music on Bloor Street in Toronto, I couldn't part with it. It sounded so much different than the first one. Currently there are only two of these worldwide.

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Long and McQuade Music, Bloor St. Toronto Ontario Canada and Guelph Ontario Canada